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Okayama, located in the center of Japan is home to Momotaro, the Seto Ohashi Bridge and Korakuen Garden. It is also known as the 'Fruit Kingdom' because of the delicious fruits that thrive in its mild climate. This rich natural setting is the location of the International Villas, which are nestled in carefully chosen towns and cities of unique charm and appeal.

The Okayama Prefectural Government in cooperation with local governments established the International Villa Group in 1988 as a non-profit organization to provide international guests with a place to rest and relax in the beauty of rural Japan. In order to make this opportunity available to as many individuals as possible, the price is subsidized to below actual cost. The villas are essentially houses where guests may share the facilities with other guests as their 'home-away-from-home'. The only staff consists of part-time cleaning and maintenance personel, therefore each guest is expected to bring their own foodstuff, prepare their own meals and clean up after themselves.

Now Bizen and Kasaoka cities manage the Villas. The villas also serve to facilitate interchange between Japanese and foreign nationals. Meals are not provided, and guests are required to cook for themselves or eat out.

Come enjoy the rural beauty of the 'Real Japan', relax far from the hustle and bustle of the city and feel the hospitality of Okayama!

HATTOJI4(4 Japanese, 0 Western)313*
SHIRAISHI ISLAND5(1 Japanese, 4 Western)210
*The maximum capacity is increased to 13 only when an exclusive booking is made.