Special Features

* 4 Japanese-style rooms 
* Max.occupancy 12
* Common bath and toilet


Rates per night

* Accommodation fee : 3,600yen / person
* Single occupancy : Add 500yen
 e.g. 3 guests, using 2 rooms ...1 guest is required to pay it. 

* Children who are 7 years old and under and who share a bed with their parent : Free
* Exclusive booking : 25,700yen (up to 8) / 41,000yen (up to 13)


Cancellation Policy
Cancellation fee will be charged as follows: 
14 - 8 days prior to the date of the reservation: 20% of the accommodation rate
7 - 1 day(s) prior to the date of the reservation: 30% of the accommodation rate
The date of the reservation: 50% of the accommodation rate


Hattoji Villa is open to Japanese and non-Japanese


Only cash (Japanese yen) is accepted at Villas. As it is difficult to exchange money, or use credit cards, foreign bank cards and travelers cheques in each Villa town, we advise you to prepare the cash you need for the rates and meals before you go to the Villa areas.


Check-in / Check-out

The check in/out times for the Villa are as follows ( Subject to change ) :

     check-in:      15:00 ~

     check-out:    10:00 



Please prepare your own meal at the villa or eat-out.
A delivery service is available at Nozomigaoka Restaurant.