Restaurants around Hattoji



Location : Google Map

Address : 817-22 Yoshinagacho Kagami, Bizen 709-0301,Okayama Prefecture
Tel : 0869-85-0333

Opening Hours : 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Closed on Thursday (all year) and on Friday (from Jan. to the beginning of March)

You can enjoy alcoholic (beer, sake, shochu) and non-alcoholic drinks, soba noodle, curry rice and tomato sauce spaghetti here. You can also find a meal set (different every day) and some fried deer (not always available).

               Map from the international villa to the restaurant



You can enjoy drinks, udon noodle, soba noodle and pot menu here.
We suggest you ordering the takeaway pot menu with all the food prepared by the restaurant. You can enjoy your meal at the kitchen of the Villa.
The takeaway menu is provided until 4:30pm.
The website of the Nozomigaoka Restaurant is as follows.

If you're a stargazer or just interested by observing the stars, the owner of the restaurant also organizes stargazing events once per month at the camping area near the restaurant.
For more information, please check on the Facebook group page : Hattoji Stargazing Group (only in Japanese).