Among the facilities available at Hattoji you can enjoy the use of authentic Japanese iori, and goemonburu. The iorii is a traditional Japanese fireplace which functions as a place to gather, relax and chat. For those seeking a true rural experience, Hattoji is still outfitted with a goemonburo, a traditional bath resembling a cauldron. For those less adventurous, the villa also comes equipped with a modern shower.

Be aware that in winter, temperature get really low inside the rooms, therefore you will need warm clothes. Of course the house is equipped with portable heaters in addition to the fireplace. 

Though Hattoji is equipped with a modern kitchen, theirori (traditional Japanese fireplace) still is a place to gather for relaxing conversation.


For those seeking the total rural experience, Hattoji still has a goemonburo (traditional Japanese bath resembling caldron) as well as a modern shower.